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That was me, respecting you.
Oh my god, really, was it? Yeah, well, respected is not how I feel.

There comes a turning point in intense physical struggle where one abandons oneself to a profligate usage of strength and bodily resource, ignoring the costs until the struggle is over. Women find this point in childbirth; men in battle.


Hello October

YYYAYYYY!!! 😊❤️🍂🍁🌽

Weirwoods are considered sacred to the followers of the old gods. The children of the forest are said to have carved faces in the weirwoods during the Dawn Age, before the coming of the First Men across the narrow sea. It is said that through the faces the old gods watch over the followers and bear witness to important events. The greenseers of the children of the forest can see through the eyes of weirwoods. Since trees have no sense of time, the greenseer can see into the past or present when looking through the eyes of a tree.


RIP Sara Lance

Merlin: I blame myself for what you’ve become, but this has to end.


Stone and snow, that was all that was left of Winterfell. Just like she and Jon.